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Granary® is more than a household name. It's the UK's number one brand of malted brown bread and a registered trademark, meaning quality assured for you and your customers.

Granary® is made from Granary® flour supplied exclusively by Rank Hovis. It has the distinct, original taste of malted wheatgrains and is a huge family favourite across Britain.

Indeed, as a result of our investment, consumer awareness and demand for Granary® remains high.

The Granary® brand has been available for around 60 years, although the traditional process used to produce the malted wheat flakes dates back several hundred years. The process, which helps give Granary® its unmistakable flavour, is believed to have been discovered by the Benedictine Monks of Burton Abbey.

Brand support

The Granary® brand's domination of the malted brown bread market has not come about by accident. Rank Hovis invests heavily in supporting the Granary® brand through advertising, packaging, promotional activity and high-quality point-of-sale display materials.

Seal of approval

Rank Hovis is committed to maintaining high levels of awareness and demand for Granary®. To enhance and support the brand leader, the Granary® logo features on all packaging, labels and point-of-sale material.

This logo acts as a 'seal of approval', reassuring your customers that they are buying the original and authentic Granary® malted brown bread, produced exclusively by craft bakers.

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Granary® Information
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Nutritional Information

 Energy Kcals 225 kcal/100g
  Kj 958 kj/100g
Carbohydrate  42.1  g/100g
Protein  10.0  g/100g
Fat (of which)  1.5  g/100g
  Saturated g 0.3  g/100g
  Mono unsaturated g 0.6  g/100g
  Poly unsaturated g 0.3  g/100g
Sodium 510  g/100g

Based on flour, per 100g serving